Im writing this to reccomend Anna Karolina Mucha as a photographer. I had the pleasure of working with her at my dancestudio, at a live danceshow in Oslo and also 2 photosessions outside. The pictures are highly professional and I use them for commercial use as well as for decoration. My experience working with Anna is that she listens to the costumers needs and works hard to provide exellent results. The end result exceeded my expectations and the feedback from my customers has been exclusively positive.

One of Annas best qualitys is shooting pictures outside, she has a unique talent for choosing locations and focusing on details in her pictures.

I am truly touched, those are the most beautiful photos with my little daughter that anyone has ever taken of us! My eyes have been watering and my heart has started to beat faster. You have captured all that is most precious: warmth, joy, tenderness, closeness – you simply have caught our love. The photographs are so natural, full of feelings and expressions. I could not imagine better ones! They are not only beautiful images, they have their own soul. It can be seen in each of your frames – in order to take such photos you must be able to look and to see just that intimacy between us. I am really impressed that you have managed to release those feelings in us and to capture them in your photographs. Each of them is truly magnificent!

I’d like to thank you also for the photoshoot itself. It was really pleasant, even exiting experience. It is really incredible to find oneself on the other side of the camera.

I experienced feelings that were quite surprising for me, such as excitement, joy, but also stress. I wondered if my daughter would like to cooperate, if I could be natural and if as the other photographer (this time featured as the model) I would not disturb you in your creation process. However admiring the effects I can see that we both with my daughter have turned up trumps, the same as you! I hope that also for you that session was a pleasant experience and that we will meet again. I am already thinking about an outdoor snow session!

I truly thank you!

Anna Karolina FOTOGRAFIA is our trusted partner. Anna has performed photo reports from the company events for us. The photographs astonish with their originality and unique style.

Among Anna’s assets there for sure flexibility, punctuality and creativity. The projects were performed for our company each time in a clever and creative way with a great attention paid to the final quality of the work. Any comments raised during the project were immediately implemented.

We will certainly take advantage of Anna’s services in the future again and will benefit from her capability to document undertakings of our company.

What should be also underlined is the great attention paid to the relations with the customer which simply contributes to pleasant atmosphere during the projects.

We strongly recommend Anna Karolina FOTOGRAFIA and guarantee for the high quality of her photo services.